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Kathleen Bilton

Purpose Alignment Facilitator. Dreamer and Doer of big things, and empowering people along the way.


About me


I am a multi-passionate business and project manager who has always been a consummate learner; meaning I have always explored any and all curiosities that came to me as a life-long lover of knowledge.  I have my Mom and Dad to thank for that as I grew up in a house where no topic was taboo and we could always ask about whatever was on our minds, though usually we were told to go “look it up,” which I still do to this very day. 


Having said that, my working experiences have pushed me through all areas of organizations, from being the receptionist to a top executive, and all the areas and departments in between, whether it was field project management, diving into accounting, people management, and others.


Outside the business sphere, I am also a lover of exploring personal development and have over 7 years training in the realm of coaching and empowering others to live fully and have lives they love by distinguishing whatever may be in the way (whether or not they can see it) and elevate themselves to powerfully move forward in their personal and professional lives.  Doing the work and breaking through the context that life “is what it is” and that I should just accept it (even if I was miserable) was the turning point in my life where I got really clear that I could absolutely love my life, and now I do. 


I easily doubled my productivity, tripled my income, and met and married the love of my life.  In 2019, my Mother lost her fight against lung disease, and it absolutely broke my heart.  She was the most generous human being I ever met, and anyone who came her way was treated like family.


There was a lesson in the way she lived and in how she left this life: life is short.  Do what you love and be who you love.  It is being able to offer that to others and see them thrive and be 100% aligned with what matters most to them that drives me.


What We Do Best


Get the world of where you are, and uncover and concerns or fears that may already be present.  Being willing to have a look in a safe space is the first step in making an imapct.


Put in place whatever is needed, whether it’s coaching, showing how hands on how to perform the work, or taking it off your plate entirely, leaving you free to move forward.


Take a stand for and create what could be possible, and drive the connection between that future and now, leaving you empowered & in action.

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