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Bookkeeping and Consulting Services

We believe in aligning you with your purpose – be that building relationships with your customers or literally building items for your business – and how we accomplish that is to help give you the tools you need to be successful, empowering you to get in action & fulfill what matters most to you.  

Whether what’s needed is a combination of business or personal empowerment coaching, or you grapple with understanding or managing the books, we have services that can make that difference.  With expertise in personal development, construction, project management, bookkeeping and accounting, cost estimates, and budgets, we are the source to get what’s going to free you up to stay in action in a productive way.


“Kathleen is intelligent, persistent, and understands business for both a small mom and pop organization and one that has multiple facets of business. She has the tenacity to drive through a problem and find solutions that work.” 

Randy Pope, Attorney & CEO


Performance Coaching

Distinguish what’s standing between you and fulfilling your vision and get unstuck.

Admin & Financial Consulting

We sweat the small stuff (that’s actually important) so you don’t have to.


Approachable Training

Setting you up for financial success, from a 30,000 foot view to hands on methods.


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